Lots of cool things happened in 2004. Click on the link to see the details:

Dawson’s Postscott (Prescott) house.

January Birthday Party for Uncle Arnold and Jackie

Alex, Ashley and Sandra visit the Train Museum

Herm’s Disneyland Birthday with The Usual Suspects

Rachael and Jeannines Excellent Chicago Kids Adventure

Our weekend in New York City

Joe and Herm Climb Mt. Whitney

Maria and Perry go to South America

Diana’s Garden in April

SAI Sisters Concert

Maria’s 50th Birthday Bash

PPAI San Antonio Academy (Business)

My Very Favorite Ashley Photo

August in New York City with Rebmax and Taylor

September includes shooting and graduations

Alex throws skeet targets

September photos include Tommy Thompson, Long Beach Aquarium, friends.

Alex and PopPop’s Excellent Boston and Washington Adventure

Turkey Day at our house

Tommy Thompson’s 80th Birthday Party

October photos: Barliant, Wisch, Edes and Rosen families

Herm and Goldie’s Holiday Party

Rachael and Damian’s holiday party

Rachael’s family

Last ride of the Previa

Sandra’s 70th birthday party

Margaret Cook Holiday Party

Neen and Alex’s Excellent Palm Desert Adventure

Gates Group holiday party

Maria’s Hotel Del Christmas Dinner

Judy on AA 1474

Herm’s birthday in Orlando