Maria Gates 50th Birthday Bash
August 14, 2004

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No, Maria is not 50 yet, although by the time you read this page she may have turned 50 on her Official Birthday which is September 9th. She had her 50th Birthday Bash before the actual event because she has very little patience and always wants to get a jump on things. At least that is my explanation since she is not here to defend herself.

Perry put on a hell of a good party in a short period of time. You've got to remember that only a week before they were buying up all the trinkets in Ecuador or Peru or someplace like that down in South America (See Story Here). Perry did a great job and probably spent a little more than my 50th Party which cost me a couple of grand at least. 

He went and got 35 lobsters, some crabs, shrimp, mussels and crawdads (mini lobsters) and we all got sick eating too much good stuff. 

Here are some photos of the party. The pithy captions are my own. They may or may not represent the truth but if you wanted the truth you wouldn't have stopped at my website now, wouldja?

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

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Yep, she's surprised. And jazzed. 
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This photo has been moved up here out of sequence so the lady who made the plate can find it quickly and will not have to search. 

There's a story here but I don't remember what it is.

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Oh my, that Perry sure can cook!
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This is not what it looked like at 10:00 pm. 
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"Oh, Hiiiiiii !!!!!"

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Lots of hugs were thrown around.
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These candle bags came in very handy after dark when we started falling down the deck stairs.
MG50_0051.JPG (57559 bytes) MG50_0071.jpg (50624 bytes) MG50_0070.jpg (51113 bytes) MG50_0069.jpg (51924 bytes)
These guys are joined at the hip. Really. I wouldn't lie about this. 
MG50_0068.JPG (32991 bytes)
We're waitin' for her to shed more shirt. 
MG50_0067.JPG (45796 bytes)
This is a present. It is also the Alien Warning Receiver Antenna that Maria gets to wear on her ass, later in the evening. 
MG50_0066.jpg (52519 bytes) MG50_0065.JPG (30721 bytes)
There were too many cute little people to count. 
WMG50_0001.jpg (78023 bytes) WMG50_0003.jpg (59160 bytes)
Somebody didn't tell him he had a lily on his head. 
WMg50_0002.jpg (47657 bytes)
Chef Jacobs preparing crustaceans. 
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MG50_0060.JPG (31986 bytes) MG50_0048.JPG (49497 bytes) MG50_0058.JPG (51727 bytes) MG50_0057.JPG (45314 bytes)
MG50_0056.JPG (53006 bytes) MG50_0072.JPG (51468 bytes) Mg50_0003.jpg (33767 bytes) Mg50_0004.jpg (45873 bytes)
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Just boil for fifteen minutes in a hot tub and ...
MG50_0007.JPG (50304 bytes)
Matt plays "Toss the Mom"
MG50_0008.JPG (50754 bytes)
"Are we having fun, yet?"
MG50_0027.JPG (25040 bytes)
Damn candles don't float too well.
MG50_0028.JPG (34367 bytes)
Maybe it takes a woman's touch.
MG50_0012.JPG (46015 bytes)
The cakes.
MG50_0010.jpg (64491 bytes)
"Just put your lips together and blow."
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MG50_0014.jpg (52036 bytes) MG50_0015.jpg (30435 bytes) MG50_0019.JPG (53626 bytes) MG50_0017.jpg (45254 bytes)
What the 'hood looks like at night.
MG50_0020.jpg (67213 bytes)
What a table looks like after a few carnivores destroy a mess of crustaceans.
MG50_0021.jpg (41164 bytes) MG50_0022.JPG (54337 bytes)
Carnivores beating the snot out of dead crustaceans.
MG50_0023.JPG (39572 bytes)
MG50_0024.JPG (50248 bytes) MG50_0031.JPG (37522 bytes)
"I don't have a drinking problem."
MG50_0032.jpg (34642 bytes)
Soon she will have the whole world in her hands.
MG50_0029.jpg (36851 bytes)
MG50_0030.jpg (46864 bytes)
Maria put this bow on her butt and started picking up signals from Pluto. (the dog, not the planet.)
MG50_0034.JPG (51106 bytes) MG50_0039.jpg (32158 bytes) MG50_0040.JPG (46215 bytes)
MG50_0036.jpg (40652 bytes) MG50_0037.jpg (51656 bytes) MG50_0043.JPG (39988 bytes)
Nowell lets Bill hold his camera. A first, caught on film. Story at 11.
MG50_0044.JPG (46181 bytes)
MG50_0041.jpg (28345 bytes) MG50_0042.JPG (43201 bytes)
Yeah, Perry is happier. He's not going for a swim at 212 degrees. 
MG50_0045.JPG (42463 bytes)
Sid. It's what's for Dinner!
WGroupShot1.jpg (76585 bytes)
Everyone got a sarong to wear as well as a t-shirt that commemorated the day. 


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