New York City
July 2004

We spent a weekend in "New York City?" after a show week and stayed in Midtown. After drowning in the rain on Friday night, Saturday threatened rain but it never materialized. We slept until 11am and went for a long walk down 5th Avenue. There are several themes from this weekend, among them, yellow. 

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Pictures from New York City
WSmith1.jpg (56394 bytes)
The Smith Family Reunion was hanging around the Hot Tix booth in Times Square. After watching them try and take pictures, I offered to do a group shot. 
WSmith2.jpg (49647 bytes)
You know the Smith's have been in New York too long because the girl on the right asked me, "How Much?" when I told her I'd take the photo. 
WVerizon.jpg (51132 bytes)
I fell in love with yellow telephones. I found four of them at the corner of 7th and 34th. 
WYellowPhone.jpg (26667 bytes)
This was the seminal yellow phone. Actually, it was the one next to this one but the image came out blurry.
WHoldHands.jpg (40000 bytes)
I like the hand holding. 
WYellowBag.jpg (57195 bytes)
Two yellow bags at one street corner. Who could calculate the odds?
WGreatSax.jpg (37346 bytes)
This is called Great Sax.
WImport.jpg (45501 bytes)
This is at 38th and 8th. Again, yellow.
WNotHot.jpg (47742 bytes)
Not Hot. 
WIdiot1.jpg (51310 bytes)
This idiot turned the wrong way on 8th Avenue and had to turn around in the cross walk. 
WIdiot2.jpg (49015 bytes)
Now you know the idiot. They should take his license away until he's twelve, dontchathink?
WLadder24.jpg (63825 bytes)
Around every corner is a crisis. I like firetrucks.
WPole.jpg (44469 bytes)
The pole and nothing but the pole.
WSprinkler1.jpg (51996 bytes)
Red always excites me.
WMovingDay.jpg (60223 bytes)
Next to Import is the Time Moving and Storage job.
WGottaHurt.jpg (47296 bytes)
How can you walk around all day in these shoes and still walk?
WSunsetNY1.jpg (30573 bytes)
Sunset from our room. DJ is in the reflection.
WDKNYSunset.jpg (38229 bytes)
A DKNY sunset.
WSunsetOn41st.jpg (31926 bytes)
Sunset on 41st Street.
WShirts.jpg (49254 bytes)
DJ with humorous shirts. 
5th Avenue at 35th Street

DJ stopped to buy shoes and I thought it would be a few minute stop just as the previous ones were. I was wrong. After ten minutes, I started to look around the area and shoot photos from my vantage point just off the corner of 5th Ave and 35th Street. It was interesting to be in one space for a half hour and just look around. I found some interesting sights. 

W3at35.jpg (52939 bytes)
Lots of yellow here.
WAllServices.jpg (48124 bytes)
I guess that the full service doesn't include skin care and massage anymore.
WCabbie.jpg (43518 bytes)
"Hey Taxi!"
WConversation.jpg (40597 bytes)
These guys were having a conversation in some Croation dialect. 
WConversation2.jpg (57662 bytes)
The kid watches them. I got the kid by himself, below.
WLoadingHappyTime.jpg (31991 bytes)
The Happy Time was out of stock and the owner and his wife carried stuff from the curb.
WNoMoreBeer.jpg (15558 bytes)
It isn't as happy at the Happy Time as it used to be when they sold beer.
WForRent.jpg (31643 bytes)
What caught my attention was the two little supports holding the air conditioner in the window.
WHangin.jpg (78527 bytes)
The kid.
WKoket1.jpg (54880 bytes)
Do you think she is a koket? Or do you think she is part of what's got to go?
WNowell2.jpg (39712 bytes)
Me taking pictures. I'm bored. Sure wish that Diana will wrap it up.


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