Road Trip
November 2004

I had to be in Boston and DC anyway so I decided to take Alex with me and show him the sights. We flew to Boston and he got the complete treatment AA First, Amtrak to DC, Holiday Inn and other fine stuff. It is the first in what I hope will become a series of adventures, similar to those I have with Bruce. (BNEA link)

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

The theme of this trip is Planes, Trains and, yes, automobiles, although there are no photos of automobiles. The first part is the trip from San Diego to Boston on American Airlines.
alexanddmeonlane.jpg (25666 bytes)
We're leavin' on an airplane, don't know when we'll be back again...
onplane.jpg (18674 bytes)
Looking out the window on the way to the East Coast.
w3879coronado2.jpg (58639 bytes)
Grandma and PopPop's house from 2000 feet.
wsilvergateK2.jpg (19654 bytes)
Silvergate Elementary is Alex's school. From 2000 feet you cannot see his room too well but he wants to say,  "Hi Mrs. Murphy!"
We got to Boston late in the day and checked into our hotel. 
whatchulookinat.jpg (32704 bytes)
My own bed and my own movie... cool!
chillin.jpg (22125 bytes)
Just chillin' and watchin' Kim Possible.
We took Amtrak to Washington DC because we love trains. I thought that it would be an easy trip. Sure. Lock a five year old into a train seat for seven hours. Right.
bostonstation.jpg (45221 bytes)
Boston South Station. Lots of trains and lots of people.
watchingtrains.jpg (49400 bytes)
Alex had a great time and rolled with the baggage.
watchingtrains1.jpg (30072 bytes)
Watching a train maintenance crew at work.
gettingready.jpg (44199 bytes)
This is the maintenance crew that Alex was watching.
discussingthetrip.jpg (35797 bytes)
Five year olds can find each other anywhere on the planet.
meetingatthestation.jpg (30950 bytes)
While waiting to get on the train, the guys start comparing notes.
amtrakcar.jpg (27243 bytes)
This what part of an Amtrak train to DC looks like.
talkingtodadontrain.jpg (26478 bytes)
We started every day by calling Dad in San Diego. We are three hours ahead so Dad gets called at 7 am.
wtrainyard.jpg (67015 bytes)
The Boston train yard. Our layout will look like this some day. Yeah, right.
leavingthestation.jpg (21143 bytes)
We were stuck in a tunnel for about fifteen minutes. I think we ran out of gas. Alex was looking out the window just before we stopped.
Our intention in DC was to hit some museums, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. We had a day to do this and, as we learned, it would have been a long day. We had a plan, though. First, we take the Metro to the Mall.

Alex learned that he likes to sit in the window and watch the world go by. It was Saturday so he could.
alexwindow.jpg (27360 bytes)
Yep, I'm awake! I even think I'm happy.
walexmetrodc.jpg (40159 bytes)
In DC we rode the Metro everywhere. It was a weekend of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
alexmetro1.jpg (31372 bytes)
In the McPherson Metro Station.
alexmetro2.jpg (28135 bytes)
On the McPherson Metro train heading to the museums.
stonebucket2.jpg (71234 bytes)
We were walking to the Mall (Washington DC... not the shopping one) and naturally Alex had to stop and watch construction.
stonebucket.jpg (87865 bytes)
Alex likes all kinds of construction activity. He likes it better when there are big machines. Give him a Bobcat and he's happy. Give him a crane and he's in bliss.
walkers.jpg (31911 bytes)
This group was doing the, oh heck, I forgot what they were walking for. I just like the photo.
capitolwalk.jpg (37928 bytes)
Some kind of Walk-A-Thon.
alexindianmuseum2.jpg (32763 bytes)
The museums open at 10 am. Alex doesn't like waiting unless there is water or dirt involved.

 Waiting to get into the Indian Museum, water was the Order of the Day since there is no dirt available. 

alexwater.jpg (39308 bytes)
Of course, he doesn't like being alone. Given the opportunity, he will try and corrupt a young girl into playing in the water. It won't work but God loves a guy who will try. God must love Alex a lot.
alexindiandrive.jpg (29787 bytes)
No museum is worth a darn unless there is something to do. Alex is driving this tour boat on an Indian Reservation at the American Indian Museum.
chicagoindians.jpg (36803 bytes)
Chicago was named after Indians. Something I didn't know until we went to the Museum.
indiandome.jpg (21364 bytes)
The dome of the Indian Museum. 
capitol.jpg (37465 bytes)
The Capitol from the Indian Museum.
indianmoon1.jpg (22633 bytes)
Seeing the Moon in the daylight is really cool. this is beside the Indian Museum. 
The National Air and Space Museum

This is the one that brought us to Washington. We didn't get to the new museum in Virginia. That will have to wait for when Alex can sit on a plane for five hours or when I can take better tranquilizers.

airspacelogomoon.jpg (23843 bytes)
This is at the main door of the museum.

See the moon in the sculpture? 

alexindianmuseum.jpg (30061 bytes)
On the way to the Air and Space Museum. One museum down and three to go.
airspace2.jpg (34517 bytes)
An authentic space ship.
airspace3.jpg (43320 bytes)
An authentic Moon Lander. One of 12 built in the history of the world. Several are still on the Moon.
airspace1.jpg (53366 bytes)
The Air and Space Museum main hall.


alexskylab.jpg (36509 bytes)
Walking through Skylab. Alex has no idea what it is but he thought it was cool.
alexphone1.jpg (31918 bytes)
Talking to Dad on Saturday morning.
The Museum of American History

This place was very interesting. We went there to look at trains. There were only two to see but it wasn't a waste. We did discover gelato in the basement. Alex never had gelato and now he's an Italian gelato aficionado.

alexcastle.jpg (50185 bytes)
'Way down on the left you can see Alex collecting some of the two hundred sixty rocks he is bringing home.

I told you before that he is happiest when there is water or dirt involved.

He's happy as a pig in ... wait, this is a family website. Sorry.

sculptgqrden.jpg (78562 bytes)
Alex liked the Sculpture Garden in front of the National Gallery of Art. We were climbing on the sculptures until I read the "Don't climb on the Sculpture's" sign.
alexbus1.jpg (36371 bytes)
See Alex fixing the bus. See Alex disappear under the bus. 
alexcabins1.jpg (41211 bytes)
An exhibit of cheap motels at the American History Museum.
alexmetro3.jpg (33515 bytes)
Naturally, we took a train home. Well, "We took the Metro (say it LOUD and SCREECH) , PopPop." 
Alex likes riding anything that moves. This is on the way down into the Smithsonian station. Next road trip we're going to a shopping mall and ride escalators for a day.
The Natural History Museum

Alex calls this  "The Dinosaur Place" because that's what we went to see... dinosaurs.
We saw other stuff but the cool stuff was dinosaurs.

amhistbasement1.jpg (37261 bytes)
In the basement of the Natural History Museum. 
amhistmuseum1.jpg (25247 bytes)
Sometimes you just get lucky with a shot. This is a lucky one.
amhistzebra2.jpg (40978 bytes)
Zebras without skin and fur.
trex.jpg (40087 bytes)
Rex. He's a Big T. He is one of Alex's greatest finds.
restrooms.jpg (114218 bytes)
I just love this picture. Look carefully at it. There is a lot going on.
walexmuseum4.jpg (37584 bytes)
Alex just takes charge wherever he goes. I tried to teach him that ignorance is bliss but he is determined to teach any child who will listen... and many who will not, as well.
USDA Headquarters

Alex meets the squirrel. He saw this squirrel minding its own business on the lawn of the USDA headquarters and decided that an unencumbered squirrel was just too much to ask. He took off after it. To the squirrel's credit, it waited until Alex nearly pounced upon it and then took off for the bushes. Alex followed.

usdasquirrel2.jpg (52334 bytes)
The squirrel chase began on flat ground.


usdasquirrel3.jpg (52575 bytes)
The squirrel taunted him. This squirrel has to be taught a lesson, dontchatink?
usdasquirrel4.jpg (63969 bytes)
Alex chased the squirrel into its lair. The squirrel came out after Alex three times and the chase resumed. 

The final score: Squirrel 3, Alex 0


usdaalex1.jpg (69486 bytes)
Believe it or not, he climbed the tree to chase a squirrel outside the USDA headquarters.


usdaalex2.jpg (76701 bytes)
Really... I'm not kidding.
usdasquirrel.jpg (46568 bytes)
See? Told you so. Here is the squirrel.
The New England Aquarium

This is a pretty cool aquarium. It is not as cool as the Long Beach Aquarium which still ranks as the best of the bunch, but it is pretty cool.

walexblueline1.jpg (31151 bytes)
We took the subway, the "T" in Boston.
walexblueline2.jpg (40438 bytes)
Alex made quite an impression on the woman driving the train. The woman made quite an impression, too!
wbostontrain.jpg (44627 bytes)
This is the Boston subway.
walextmap.jpg (28808 bytes)
We had to take the Red Line to the Orange Line to the Blue Line. It only cost $1.25 for the entire trip. 
wfeedingpenguins.jpg (42243 bytes)
We stopped at the New England Aquarium on the way to the Airport. This young woman is feeding the penguins. It looks like a fun job.
walexandashley.jpg (43849 bytes)
This isn't Ashley but... ?
wguslukealex.jpg (21581 bytes)
This is where Gus, Luke and Alex met up. That's Mom on the right. Either I don't know her name or I forgot. 

She is nice and so are the kids.

wlukealexgus.jpg (40994 bytes)
The boys. Luke and Gus live in Boston. They were killing time waiting for their Dad to come to lunch. Alex is a born ring leader.

It helps that their Mom was outnumbered 3 to 1. 

wgusalex.jpg (22990 bytes)
I think this is Gus, or it might be Luke. Alex is hoping to teach him how to grow a jellyfish by eating little fish and fish eggs.
walexsealion1.jpg (41775 bytes)
Alex got a chance to get a kiss from a sea lion. He still smells like fish. I'm going to take him home in a plastic baggie.

Alex, not the sea lion.

wpenguins.jpg (43393 bytes)
A collection of penguins just hangin' out waitin' for fish.
wsam.jpg (41113 bytes)
Sam. He's a monitor.
wturtle.jpg (32845 bytes)
This turtle is about six feet long. It is the biggest turtle I've ever seen. 
wfish1.jpg (22955 bytes)
A road trip wouldn't be a road trip without a fish.
walextrain2.jpg (33562 bytes)
We snuck on the Mass Transit Train.
walexbath1.jpg (21301 bytes)
Alex took a bath by filling up the tub to within an inch from the top. Then he splashed all over the floor. The bathroom was very clean later that evening.
walexbath2.jpg (24608 bytes)
At the Holiday Inn, I got upgraded to the best room in the house. Alex swam in the Jacuzzi tub. He cleaned that floor, too.

walexwindowboston.jpg (31130 bytes)
For some reason, he loves sitting in windows in the morning. Thank goodness we had late appointments so he could. It takes a village to get this kid out of bed, into clothes and on the street.


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