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All things Davila go here. News of the kids, the family and, if you want to know what Damian is doing on any given day, just ask Alex. 
("My daddy crashed his car into the wall and cried.")

Most things will appear here except for things that are noteable for the kids. They get a whole page dedicated to their exploits.

        December 6, 2007

Alex's Team Takes 2nd in the League!
March 22, 2007
Ashley is 4... PopPop!
No April Fool's Joke

Ashley is a Photographer!
Watch the Movies!
June 20, 2007

Dinner at the Del Mar Fair
June 22-24, 2007

Jaffe Family Reunion
July Things

Various Kid Movies and photos from July
October 25, 2007

Rachael Visits Pixar
November 13, 2007

Ashley and Alex are not left out.
November 20, 2007

Alex at flag football
with Movies
DamianTruck1.jpg (36920 bytes)
Damian is driving for Door to Door Storage. Alex says, "My Daddy drives a big yellow truck!"

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