Dinner at the Del Mar Fair
June 20, 2007

Herm didn't come through. He was supposed to meet us at the Fair and he wussed and went to Sacramento for meetings. Oh, well... we struggled along without him. (I also stopped by the Lottery booth and told them that Herm promised to leave fifty Scratchers in an unmarked envelope for us. We'll see how that goes down at the next sales meeting!)

We had a nice time with the kids. The pictures prove it.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the BIG picture.)

"Hey... don't eat my hat!"

Corn was our favorite food of the day.

"This feels weird, PopPop."

"I guess milk doesn't come from cartons."

Our Ashley is cuter.

"We're having fun yet!"

A rocky start to the sky ride. It gets better, though.

See, I told you it gets better.

We're all having fun!

Alex gets suited up for the climbing wall.

Our version of SpiderMan.

Ashley likes the Merry-Go-Round.

We didn't bungee jump but this guy did. He provided the dinner entertainment.

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