Ashley Day at Mike Marois' Studio
April 1, 2007

Let me just say for the record that I think that Mike Marois is a genius as well as an artist. The reasons are numerous but the most impressive to me is how he handles people, especially my granddaughter Ashley. Mike moved from a really elaborate studio to a very nice but smaller one and it was my first visit. The occasion was his first session with Ashley and you will get the same warm fuzzy feeling I got from looking at these photos and movies.

Movies of Ashley in the studio taking photos.

(You will need QuickTime to watch these. Click Here to download.)

Movie of Mike showing Ashley how to use the camera  Movie of Ashley shooting the dogs (low res)

This is the fastest loading of the four movies.

Movie of Ashley shooting more photos of the dogs
A pretty big movie (5 meg) of Ashley shooting Mommy with the dogs. (this will download in a new window)
Photos from the Photo Shoot

Shoot... always wanted to use that title! Now I get the chance!

Mike's studio space.

Mike starts by taking photos of Ashley.

Ashley gets a chance to learn how to be a photo stylist.

She apparently has taken to the task. She looks very confident of her job.

Mike teaches her how to use the camera. She is a quick learner as you can tell when you watch the movies.

Ok, it's time to solo.

Photographer, mommy and photographer. (Shoot... he even smiles well.)

"Ok, PopPop... work is done... let's roll around and play now!"

Some of Mike's creds... as if you need these... just look at his work. They are credentials enough.

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