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2001 marks the start of the Digital Era for Nowell. In December I traded my Leica's for a Canon DSLR and the rest is, well, if not history then certainly historic. The best pages are the December photos, the Cows On Parade and, of course, the first Alaska Trip. There is no better example of the difference between film and digital than the 2001 and 2003 Alaska trips. They also illustrate the differences in technology and thinking in the web arena. Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy the trip.

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2001 Pages

Alaska Trip 2001

Very Cool Page!
Neen's Birthday Party

Turkey Day Cows On Parade

Cow Vote 2001

Bruce Curry Family Photos

Friends in 2001

Diana in 2001

Star 100 American Flag

Very Cool Page!

Huston's First Grandkid
Marilyn HallowGreen Party
Marilyn's 2001 Halloween Party

Herm and Goldie Xmas Party 2001

Daryl and Vivi October Visit

House Fire in October

Thanksgiving 2001

Rachael's Hanukkah Party
Sandra's holiday letter
December Photos
Constant Features
Nowell's 2005 Travel Schedule
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Nowell's Photos

Bruce & Nowell's 
Excellent Adventures

"Wisching You The Best"
 Artwork and Cards
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NSA Showcase 2004

Rachael's Cakes

The Alexander and Western Railway

The Chicago and Nowell Wisch Railroad

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