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Bruce and I have been taking road trips since 1986 or so. While Bruce writes everything down and keeps important documents for years. I don't do as good a job, but I have lots of photos. Of course, I also have the website which is a good thing to have along with a bad memory. Some of these trips occurred at a different time than I think but the date isn't as important as the photos and the experience.

Since we have been doing this for more than twenty years, and some trips are better than others, I recommend that you pick a few just to see the trend. As for individual recommendations, start with the Portland trip if you only have time to view one page. It is the standout. However, every one is a winner in my opinion so don't be bashful... view them all. (Keep them, save them, trade them with your friends.)

The process is complex yet simple. When we know where we're going to meet, usually based upon my business travel schedule, Bruce creates the itinerary. This is an arduous task that he bitches and complains about every single time. His most common complaint is "There is simply nothing to do in (fill in the blank)." This is his way of enjoying hours in the library and on the Internet researching venues and locations. I took it seriously for a few years and know now that it is just his process and is mostly bullshit talk. If he doesn't complain a little then he isn't really happy.

Our duties are structured and written in stone. He does the itinerary, pays for food and attractions and I drive, pay for the car and hotel and all tolls and road related expenses. I am responsible for historical documents, photos, preservation of memories and the webpage. I recently started to put the entire Adventure record on its own website www.bneadventures.com and you can find a duplicate of this over there. I'm trying to create a stand alone identity for us to keep the exposure to my family at a minimum. (Security and Spam... y'a know.)

There are a lot of 'first" on the site. For example, The Portland Adventure hosts our first animated GIF movie. Be sure to check out the Lighthouse movie and the Kayak Kids which, no matter what, still stands as the pinnacle of "found items" on an Adventure. Besides featuring my first animated GIF's, they just contain some really amazing pictures. Astounding, even. So, click away, now as we make more!

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Royal George




Farm Aid Concert - Iowa

1994 1995

Santa Anita Race Track




Recording the CD


January 3 - San Diego

March 31 - San Diego with Jan

June 27 - Santa Barbara

October 11 - Dallas



February 27 - San Diego

August 12 - Knoxville with Bob Luedeka



April 1 - San Diego

September 30 - Reno



March 3 - Memphis

May 25 - San Diego

September 28 - Boston



September 4 - Cincinnati



March - South Carolina










February - Georgia

August - Oklahoma City

October - New York City



February - Houston

August - Kansas


February 21-24
Florida West Coast

Maryland and Delaware



April- Omaha

August - Albany








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