July 2007- Various Things

Lots of neat things happened in July. The kids took me to LegoLand and Unversal Studios to get sunburned and tired. It was a good day. Also, I took a ride on the San Diego Bay Ferry and got some very nice night images. Watch the movies and enjoy the kids at the beach, too.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the BIG picture.)

Ashley At The Pool Movie

Eating At Hodads Movie

Kids At Ocean Beach Movie
Ashley In Ocean Beach Movie Ashley In Ocean Beach Movie 2
Alex and Ashley at LegoLand Movie
Alex thows Skeet for a full squad. He did an awesome job!

The Girls after Dinner

San Diego from the Bay Ferry

The Coronado Bridge

The Ferry Silvergate

A two headed snake that Ryan Rundles showed me.

Jeff Rundles cutting the cheese. (<grin>)

Jeff in post cheese repose.

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