Halloween Party
October, 1989

I'm not sure what year this was from. I originally thought it was 1988 but it could be 1989. The 1989 party was smaller than the 1988 one. It can't be later than that because we moved to the Coronado house in March of 1990 and we didn't have enough room to have a party there.

Many of the people in these photos were employed with us at Arts and Crafts Press. Some of them are people I don't remember. If you know them, tell them to email me and I'll update the page with their names.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Sam Barliant

Doug and Bobbie Town

Debbie Strayer dressed as Marie Gates

Doug and Marie Gates


Jack Morris?

John and Mary Connell

Art Hill

Rudy and Gloria


Me and my Honey.


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