Wedding and Honeymoon
July 4,

We were married on July 4, 1984 in Las Vegas. It was an elopement of sorts. We had family in Chicago, Texas, California and points elsewhere and couldn't figure out where to do the deed, so Vegas got the call. After I moved to New York in late July, we took our honeymoon in Japan because that was the furthest we could get on Pan Am and still fly in First Class. It was pretty cool. No, it was very cool. Here are photos from the events.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Our wedding photo with Barb. We probably have one without Barb but I haven't found it yet.

The actual moment when we were married. The third time. (Long story. A good story, but a long story.)

Diana at the train station as we are leaving for the town of Shimoda. (Long story... but also a good one.)

Diana and the student guide she found in Nara walking up the lane..

Diana filling out a prayer plaque in Nara.

Petting one of the dear little dear around the Palace in Nara.

DJ with the Colonel. See, she ain't chicken.

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