Living in New York

When we got home from Japan, we moved into Diana's place in New York City. ("New York City?") Yep... 201 E. 21st Avenue, Apartment 15D, NYNY10010 at the corner of 21st and 3rd Avenue. Here are photos from our first year in NYC.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

After returning from Japan, Diana took us to Central Park for a concert. I would probably remember who we saw but I was entranced with her.

The Third Avenue Street Fair is a really fun thing. At least, it was fun back then. Now, it's a poor imitation. Progress hasn't done well for everything.

This is what an official street fair looks like in New York, from the window of Apartment 15D.

I got a job with Nathan and Company Sporting Accessories at 905 Broadway, on the corner of 21st Street. This is the view from Michael Nathan's office window, looking North on Broadway.

We took the kids to a Central Park concert when they spent the summer in NYC in 1985. They probably remember it differently than I do, but I remember it as a very interesting summer.
1986 and 1987
We move to Redondo Beach and Diana almost bankrupts another airline.

Rachael gets bitten by the TV studio bug when she visits in the summer of 86.

Same day, at a party at the Speyer Lane house.

Jeannine, we know, but we're not sure where. I think it is outside of CCS where
Diana worked.

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