My Dinner with Mutnick
January 3, 200

Diana and I went to Orlando for a show and got lucky. Phyllis is a long time friend who is our Account Executive from ASI. (If you don't know what ASI is then you don't know what I do for a living, which is OK, but you may get a little lost reading this long winded explanation of the evening.) This is simply one in a long string of very nice evenings that Phyllis has treated us to over the course of many years.

I could identify all of the participants in the photo, starting with Marvin Spike at the far left, but then I'd have to induct you into the Promotional Products industry and we're professionals and you should not try this at home. Let it simply be said that the group you are looking at represents some of the best and brightest people in our business. (However, since some of us are in the Witless Protection Program, publishing our names will blow our cover and somebody could get hurt.) Needless to say, but I will anyway, we had a good time at the Orlando Palm Restaurant after a long walk following Christopher Duffy, one of our intrepid group, who guided us through the desert of commerce known as Universal City Walk. A good time was had by all except for the cows, lambs, squids (animals, not Navy), shrimp, crabs and lobsters who died for our dinner.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Group Photo

Phyllis on the left and Diana on the right. Guests in the center.

Christopher Duffy hold his ASI Distributor Choice Award.

Ever tried herding cats? Organizing a group shot is much the same thing.

Christopher watches Marvin sign what had to be a helluva big check.

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