Cadillac Test Drive
January 15, 2005

It isn't often that I get to do something cool for my son-in-law Damian. We share a few interests but cars are not one of them. He knows everything about cars and I know that they have four wheels and a motor. This week I finally did something that impressed him and I'm not even sure why I had the opportunity.

I received an invitation from Cadillac to test drive their 2005 cars and I thought it would be a chance to have a son-in-law / father-in-law experience. It was very interesting. Here is the story.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

The morning begins with breakfast and a chance to see some parts like this engine.

The demonstration included a close-up view of this XLR sports car. Only 80 grand... a bargain.
This was a demonstration of 0-60-0 performance of a Cadillac CTS versus the competition.
This was a 0-100-0 demonstration. It was pretty impressive.

Damian is smiling in anticipation. He will smile even more when he is done.
Pulling underwear out of my ears.
The only reason Damian wanted to come was to drive the CTS-V, a 400 horsepower monster that holds a family of five hostage in a sports car. It does 0-60 in either 4.8 or 4.9 seconds depending upon the tester. Damian got it to do 0-60 yesterday. I sat in the back trying to keep my breakfast from flying down the neck of the guy who was keeping an eye on Damian.

Trust me on this... you do not want to sit in the back seat of a CTS-V under full power through a curvy road course without a barf bag between your lips.

He gets interviewed for a commercial. He can sell cars, I can tell you.

After the ride, Damian is one happy motherfather.
The venue. Thirty-four years ago, I used to drive these very same runways in a Ford pick-up truck when I was stationed at El Toro Airbase.

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