Ashley and Diana have a Birthday Party

March 26, 2005

The women in my life share birthday parties with our children. March is Ashley and Diana Month. Rachael gives the parties and they are always good. This year was no exception. She had lots of help from Damian, who worked the party planning into his active job schedule and they really outdid themselves. Between good food and the bouncy thing in the backyard, a great time was had by all. Here are the photos:

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

The Bouncy Thing in the Back Yard
I'm not sure where the kids got this thing but it was an instant hit. You crawl in through the slide or the doorway and you bounce around on it and fall and squish a kid. What fun!
Pre-party Makup Party
I don't know who brought the makeup kit but, as you can see, everybody got into the act as either a makup artist or a victim. Alex showed real promise. Not only did he demonstrate aptitude but enthusiasm, too.
The Birthday Cake
Rachael throws parties so she can make cakes. For the kids, she makes two cakes, one for the public and one for the kid. This year there was Pooh all over the cake.

Ready, set...

The kid gets her own cake. She only likes to eat the frosting.

Looks like a Hollywood opening, doesn't it.
Even Grandma gets a present.

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