Alaska 2003- Barrow

Maria had such a good time on the Alaska trip in 2001 that she did it again with us in 2003. There are too many cool photos to put on one page it will take 3 posts to cover the trip. Welcome to page 1.

Alaska-air 00
Maria met us at Barrow Airport.
Alaska-air 01
We had this crew to Barrow.
Alaska-air 03
The plane puts cargo in the front and we sit in the back.
Alaska-air 04
The intrepid crew on the way to Barrow.
Alaska-air 05
Our return crew.
Alaska-air 06
Diana is happy to be here.
Barrow Airport
Barrow city seal.
Wiley Post and Will Rogers died here. The mile marker shows the travel distance to points south.
It's 91 in San Diego. They don't have snow on the railing for breakfast.
This is Pepe's Restaurant. The owner runs the Polar Bear Club and charges money for it!
These people paid her money to jump into 33 degree water for a certificate. We watched from our heated hotel room.
Maria bought this from an Inuit at the cultural center.
Pt. Barrow. The northernmost point of the United States.
bunna 5
Maria hired Bunna to take us on a tour of Pt. Barrow.
bunna 4
Bunna is explaining to us why we have to go back on another bus for reasons you will see later.
bunna 2
He took us to Point Barrow and we have our souvenir photo to prove it.
bunna 3
Our official group photo.
bunna 6
bunna 7
cultural-center 01
Diana and Maria dance at the cultural center.
cultural-center 02
Diana and Maria dance at the cultural center.
cultural-center 03
The Cultural Center
cultural-center 04
The Cultural Center
cultural-center 05
The Cultural Center
cultural-center 06
The Cultural Center
Point Barrow.
The clearest water we have ever seen.
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