In Memoriam

August 25, 1930 Edward Silverstein December 10, 1999

How to best describe a man who made such a profound and enduring contribution to my life is a daunting task. Once in a while, God, in her infinite wisdom, provides us with one who is the embodiment of the concept, “Breaking the Mould”. Ed Silverstein was such a man.

There is simply no way to adequately embrace him on a single webpage but this Tribute to Ed will attempt it. “Thanks, Ed… we loved you and miss you.” The Usual Suspects.



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2006 Harvest

December 10, 2007-Harvest
Harvest Video 1 Ed's Tree Video 2




TdayFamily.jpg (38341 bytes)
Ed relaxes at Thanksgiving. Come to think of it, Ed's best trait was Ed relaxing. 

Nobody could be tense with Ed around!

"The Parting Glass"
(a traditional Irish Folksong)

"Of all the money e're I had, 
I spent it in good company.

And all the harm that ever I've done,
alas it was to none but me.

And all I've done for want of wit,
 to mem'ry now I can't recall;

So fill to me the parting glass...
"Goodnight and joy be with you all."

 "Of all the comrades e're I had, 
they're sorry for my going away.

And of the sweetheart that I had,
she wish's one more day I'd stay.

But since it falls unto my lot,
that I should rise and you should not,

I gently rise and softly call... 

"Goodnight and joy be with you all."

edboat1.jpg (32865 bytes)
The Boat

More than a wife... a lifelong friend and buddy. They shared every love, pain, sorrow and joy.  

EdBench1.jpg (35023 bytes)
Dedication of Ed's Bench at Dog Beach (Dec. 9, 2001)
EdBench4.jpg (10839 bytes)
The Dedication Plaque on Ed's Bench at Dog Beach
EdBench2.jpg (20613 bytes)
Barbara Ayers presents the Official Plaque to Sandra
E-AyersSandra1.jpg (33886 bytes)
Sandra with Barbara Ayers and the plaques. 

E-AyersSandra2.jpg (37120 bytes)
Sandra on the stage during the ceremony.

 ViviBench.jpg (22655 bytes)
DarylBench.jpg (25305 bytes)
Daryl and Vivi make a pilgrimage to Dog Beach and Ed's Bench. 

Shelter Island hike.

Oak Creek Canyon hike.

Sharing a quiet moment in Hawaii just after the earthquake.



Also, vintage Ed... no shirt, shorts and hat. This is his day in the sun.


Daryl said, "I miss my retirement buddy." ... as do we all.


Ed in a suit... what a concept! He cleaned up really well but was never comfortable in this getup.


We remember him with camera, shorts and a smile... "Ah, Yes... "


Silverstein on the hunt for something... he was always curious about everything.



Ah, yes... trekking around town, 
across bridges and up and 
down hills. 


Even at his most shy and retiring, Ed cut a figure of sartorial excellence.



The next generation.

"Edward Silverstein, we miss you every day 
and we're glad we had the chance 
to know you."

The Usual Suspects