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Thanksgiving Cows On Parade!
View the Vote and Read the Cow-rrespondence 

(Isn't it amazing what you can get people to do if you feed them!)

This was our art project on Thanksgiving Day. The art project is a tradition anywhere I am during the Holiday. I pick a project that allows my guests or hosts to exercise their creativity. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it! (My cousin thinks I pick things that he is not good at. Next year I may have people impersonate Judge Judy so he can "win".)

This year's project was conceived after visiting Chicago during their Cows on Parade Festival. While at Reed's Train Shop in La Mesa, I found HO Scale Cows and hatched this plot. Our guests did a great job!

 You be the judge. Sign the Guest Book and vote for your favorite Cow. This is not a trivial contest. The winner is exempt from participating in next years project... no small concession I assure you 

aaron1.jpg (25173 bytes)

Aaron Cohen (Right)

aaron2.jpg (22050 bytes)

Aaron Cohen (Left)

amyrel.jpg (24423 bytes)

Amy Rel

ana.jpg (32552 bytes)

Ana Davila

damian.jpg (40834 bytes)

Damian Davila

daviddawson1.jpg (20017 bytes)

David Dawson (Right)

daviddawson2.jpg (17066 bytes)

David Dawson (Left)

elijarel.jpg (26129 bytes)

Elijah Rel

jeannine.jpg (26905 bytes)

Jeannine Wisch

joehuston.jpg (19709 bytes)

Joe Huston

mariagates.jpg (27164 bytes)

Maria Gates


Diana Barliant


Alex Davila

nowell.jpg (29999 bytes)

Nowell Wisch

perry.jpg (26297 bytes)

Perry Jacobs

rachael.jpg (63036 bytes)

Rachael Wisch

seren.jpg (28671 bytes)

Seren Huston

timruggles.jpg (27412 bytes)

Tim Ruggles


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